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Liron Segev

Liron Segev, aka, TheTechieGuy: IT Consultant, Social Mobile Strategist, Business Believer, and a Spade is a Spade kinda Blogger

Liron Segev says "Knowledge is power"  - working all over the world, there is common problem: there is a disconnect between Business and IT. As an entrepreneur, business owner, and investor in IT companies I have managed to be able to translate business requirements into IT and visa versa. IT geek with a commercial sense. This experience has allowed me to dedicate my time to helping and advising other business how to maximize their IT infrastructure, save money and implement better business practices

Liron Segev's Background

Liron Segev's Experience

IT Strategist at JD Group

February 2010

Responsible for the strategy and execution of Hi Fi Corporation's IT projects in conjunction with JD Group's IT services. This includes: National WAN, Interactive initiatives (website & mobile), In Store system and processes.

Founder and CEO at Swift Consulting

June 2000

SwiftConsulting has two main divisions each specialising in their own fields: 1. Providing businesses with an unemotional and independent view of their IT - showing business how to get the most out of their IT and save money in the process ! 2. Provide solution to business who need to make their information available to a mobile workforce and mobile customer

Blogger @ & IT Consultant at


Being a Blogger, I get the opportunity to review new products, provide real feed back from a "user" point of view without all the official "press releases". I am also fortunate to attend event and report on breaking news in the IT industry.

Founder at

November 2009 - May 2012

Ever been stuck in a Traffic Jam on the road ? we have taken mobile technology, your cell phone, intelligent mapping and created a product that allows you to avoid those Traffic Congestion spots !

IT Strategist & Consultant at Blue Label Telecoms

February 2011 - February 2012

Consulting to Blue Label on the IT systems of a newly acquired business and developing the IT strategy for the business

IT Strategist & Consultant at FISHWICKS PRINTERS

September 2010 - January 2012

Responsible for overseeing and redesigning the company's WAN network, connectivity and Hosting environment.

IT at Aucor

2001 - 2005

Messaging Team - UK office at KPMG

1998 - 2001

Responsible for supporting the Exchange messaging platform for 110 000 users across the globe

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